Luminous jewls, not only to sparkle but to communicate yourself, your emotions and affections.
Precious creations with an extremely cool and gorgeous design, become the “team picks” of many celebrities and fashion blogger.
The Gaia Spallanzani Lunard jewls come from an old story of family and traditions with the Spallanzani jeweller’s, was born in Milan in 1880.
Now, the head jeweller is Gaia, with her passion, details care and the original and contemporary design that win over the younger, thanks to the amazing mood and the particular blend between pink gold and multicolor diamonds.
Every jewl is made in Italy and created by craft techniques.
You can find the Gaia creations by Colette store in Paris or on net-à-porter.
The must have picks are the chevalier with initials customized and the fine bangle “only you” ready to be only for you, thanks to the customizing with letters, symbols and sentences.
All of that realized with colored diamonds to shine with fantasy!

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One of the most popular, practical and capacious accessorie…

Named by the fashion influencer “statement backpack”, the common rucksack have a carefree mood and many school’s emotions.
The rucksack is the “team pick” of this S/S, many sizes (over and micro) many styles (sparkling, super chic or street) and different design: pockets, zip… an infinite space for your items from books to the laptop!
Chanel has proposed colored shearling rucksack model, for Moschino is printed, a flowers explosion for Fendi, sparkle style with fun eye by Chiara Ferragni, extra cool the Mia Bag version in denim, an exotic mood for Gucci with snake and a curious jungle print and more practical the K-Way style.
On the accessories universe are many fabrics sperimentation, rucksacks with innovative waterproof fabrics but also with natural fibre as linen and rough cloth (the last phantom bag by Céline is totally realized by natural fbre) or the raffia, used by Fendi for the new “baguette”with frills and multicolored edge!

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Bella on the top


Serious look… a little sulky, long black hair, big expressive eye…

Another Hadid, but with a strong personality, never foreseen and professionally on the top!
She is Bella Hadid. Bella is fanciful and multifaceted, protagonist of many campaigns: Chanel, Moschino, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, a new face of Dior make-up and the last Karl Lagerfeld muse (togheter her sister Gigi) as a contemporary Marie Antoniette in the Fendi S/S 2017. Bella was appeared in a video with “the Weekend” (her ex boyfriend), she was been an “angel” in the last Victoria Secret Fashion Show in Paris and now, she is soacially busy to defend the woman’s rights. Gigi is her best friend, her confidant let alone sister, in their careers there isn’t hostility but a great complicity; they were  togheter in the “Gigi X Tommy Hilfiger” S/S 2017 parade and always togheter loading video and photoes on Instagram, shared by milion of follower.
Her looks are extra cool, she loves leather pants, crop top, transparencies, chokers, ankle boots and big black sunglasses. Model… sure, but with a personal style, passion for her work and many emotionts to a successful and radiant future!

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Rainbow week


Seven days like seven amazing colored pulls…

So, what is your favourite day?
We can decide thanks to the “Rainbow week” collection by Alberta Ferretti.
A capsule collection like a game, lively, fresh and young look to live with a bit of positive mood.
Seven cachemere pulls with fun color combination inspired by the rainbow brights and a maxi inscription to remember us the days of the week: monday-thursday-wednesday-tuesday-friday-saturday-sunday.
The testimonial are seven top model as Karolina Kurkova, Sara Sampaio, Martha Hunt only to summon somebody.
On the catwalk these amazing pulls have matched with girlie colored lace skirts and sandals, an easy-chic shape, comfortable but with a romantic soul.
This “rainbow pulls” can become a team pick on our wardrobe, means to its eclectic nature can be matched with skinny leg pants, hot pants, embroaderied mini skirts…the combination are infinte! Seven days, seven colors! It’s time to decide…

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It’s Cuba Time


The most fashionable destination of 2017? Naturally, it’s Cuba!

cuba1The city of contraddictions but also to live with de light and always to keep time of music! cuba3
Between colonial palaces, Déco details and light decadent atmosphere, the promenade “Paseo del prado” in Havana was the evocative backdrop of Chanel Cruise Parade 2017, one f the most beautiful collection of the last years; crazy, colored, fancifull with a strong character like its creator: Karl Lagerfeld.
The main inspiration comes from the film “Soy Cuba” and the Gareth Jenkins photoes “Havana in my heart”: they are reflected in the collection trought the nostalgic mood, the joyfull rithm and fun colors like many Cuba’s souls.

Fringes, feathers, the epoch cars or the flowers on small balcony as prints on the long skirts; but the real protagonists was been the accessories: all the models had the classic panama hat, the scarf to put up the hair and fashionable weaves bags, like a basket or the wood clutches inspired by the cigar box, but also the unfailing bracelets cascades and the amazing pins with the Cuba’s motif as pineapples, avocado, flowers, cactus and many others… extremely ultra femminine the knit colored dresses and the fine pencil skirts but above all the “must have” item:the t-shirt “viva Coco Cuba libre!” so…we love Cuba!

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Grand Spa


Big windows, Oriental taste, fair luxury but of rare beauty…all of that in the spectacular Palazzo Parigi Grand Spa, a little paradise in the Milano heart.
Exotic atmospheres create by the architect Paolo Giambelli that let the client in a holiday mood, carefree and of totally relax. Every room is specialist in different beauty treatments and details and furnishings are connected by the inspiration countries as: Morocco, Bali, India, China; Polynesia and Sweden.
Many beauty rituals to renew our body, mind and spirit; there are sauna, pools, massages and a great selection of particular rituals as the Hamman with hot and cold rooms, body scrubs and argan oil massages that renew the skin with amazing results!
At the end of the day or between the beauty routine you can be relax with tasty infusions, tisane or with an healthy lunch in the lovely room in front of the garden… a special day to find ourself!

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Like a rainbow


Choose something between the rainbow colors…really you can dress a particular hue on the basis of look and mood… All of that it’s possible and it’s contain in a precious jewl but fun.
A pair of earrings with an essential design in pink or white gold with diamonds that like a game it was changing thanks to the magic of little mother of pearl cards like a trapezium with a big chromatic spectrum. An original idea by Mattioli the “puzzle box”, where you can have 11 different earrings and you can be composed by the practical earrings design and the many shades avaliable as purple, turquoise, red, black and many others… a colors puzzle with the rainbow’s bright!

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A stylish t-shirt


The most stylish t-shirt of the moment

New year, a new argument and we start the 2017 with the most stylish t-shirt of the moment, a made in Italy product by Dolce&Gabbana. The idea was born by the occasion of the F/W 2016-2017 campaign on the Naple’s evocative streets and the t-shirt was been created to celebrate Naple and the spirit, colors and all Italina beauties. This special t-shirt had a particular moment at the end of the S/S 2017 fashion parade, where 91 models dressed it marche with brocade miniskirt, a look already beloved by all it-girls. A fashionable t-shirt, limited edition with gorgeous details, flowery appliqués as roses and poppies, fruits and crystal embroaderies, but not only, the curiosity is the inscription: “i was there!” in different languages, English, Italian, Chinese, French and many others… a t-shirt, the Italian soul, a dream to dress!

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Best Wishes


2016 is going to end and Coachella Hipster wants to tell a great

Thanks for the passion with you follow us and everyday we are growing up togheter.
This year, has been rich of innovations as the website restyling, more pictures, more dynamic mood and an increased of our young team and each of us has with a precise task: the page’s management, the pictures selection, the interviews, the articles supervision and who writes and choices the arguments.
Coachella hipster is an ideas factory, a particular balance between images and detailed post about fashion and trends. Our choice is unusual but we believe in this project and for the next year we have many innovations as: new contents, new interviews, original fashion sketches area, focus on young fashion designer… a new way of life and to see the fashion is coming!

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Who is the model of the year?


Simple, Gigi Hadid!

Gigi has a great family, beloved and beautiful, Anwar, Bella and her manager-mo, Yolanda. Bella and Gigi: two sister and two popular models with successful on social profiles togheter their friends Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift. Blonde long hair, blue eyes and a contemporary beauty, Gigi Hadid is an avant-garde model, she isn’t only a “super model”, she has also a strong character and a spontaneous mood.
Gigi is the most request testimonial, she is the Max Mara perfect icon and she has a special tie with Tommy Hilfiger, in fact, the model was been the brand muse trought a capsule collction F/W 2016 “Gigi x Tommy” inspired by the sailor style with a particular casual-chic look and an amazing accessories collection. She is the face of Versace, l’Oreal and an appreciate model by Fendi, Balmain and Moschino…the Gigi’s souls are many and all differen, she goes by naturally to several catwalks, making every dresses unique.
So, on 5th december at the Royal Albert Hall in London, about the Fashion Awards 2016 Contest, Gigi Hadid was elected “Best International Model”, instead, on 30 th November Gigi was been the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in Paris, where she was a perfect angel but to be good!

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