Make up by HUDA


A real web beauty icon (18 milion of followers only on instagram)…

Her make up are famous and stylish: perfect lip with strong lipstick and shiny gloss, gorgeous eye with impeccable lashes…she’s the beauty blogger of the moment: Huda Kattan.
Huda, american-iraqi origin, in her blog “Huda beauty” gives advicesc about a radiant skin, the best countouring, perfect outline eyebrown and all latest make up trends.
In 2013, she created her first false eyelashes collection in Dubai, a success, because it simulates the real lashes without the unsightly doll effect and now, a new project, a complete make up collection with beautiful lipstick (liquid strobe and liquid matte) brightening palette for eyeshadows and lip pencil…are you ready to go in the Huda’s reign?

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Donatella Versace: a powerful and wilful personality with a great fashion talent…

All of these qualities contained in a simple bag: the new “DV ONE” by Versace. “DV” the initials of hr creative director Donatella, a stong mood for a bag to a stiff structure and an innovative design elements: the lock inspired by Pantheon architectures with a thin link and the unfailing Medusa head; the big leather charm has the “V” initial embossed on the surface, instead, the handle is practical and strap for different styles. Three sizes are available (small-medium-large), togheter the gorgeous color palette and several materials, as: calf and suede. The DV woman is free, daring and contemporary with an avant-garde soul. Delightful the limited edition: 3D flowers melted with fresh colors for a crispy style and a courtly crocodile model. So, welcome DV ONE!

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A bracelet that can change in a fashionable and brilliant necklace in the last “remix collection” by Swarovski.

An amazing play for fashionistas and the beautiful testimonial Karlie Kloss, to create gorgeous mix&match with your style!
Thanks to the magnetic lock and different chains (named STRAND) you can create double bracelets, chocker and long necklace… a fun&fresh mood, always new!
The “strand” have several styles and finish from pink-yellow gold to silver, every part was refined by sparkle of Swarovski crystals elements and curious symbols and signatures…make it shine your fantasy! Be Brilliant!

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Fairy tale jewels, a little fashion doll named “Virgola” and a sweet and magical universe was born by the designer Virginia Di Giorgio and her collection “oroargentovirgola”. An enchanted world, bracelets, necklaces and colored fun charms with silver or gold finish and enamel details. Gorgeous the necklace with fine locket and Virgola illustration inside, a fashionable shape doll and a dreamer mood, but also, the courtly charms that populate this world, as: stars, flowers, hearts and other characters as the parisian, the mum and her child…all of that to create your fairy tale!

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nail art

The nail art universe is not only fashion but it’s hand’s art to release our ideas and creativity! Mei Kawajir is the instagram queen, her manicure are spectacular, a pop colors and sparkling whirl with curious nail art trends…here, you can find the best inspiration to amaze all! the hot summr colors are: nude shades, purple (courtly for the night!) and the wonderful red to fire from coral for a ladylike statement. Named “funky french” this is the most fun summr trend, one hue foro ne finger to create interesting color combination, instead, the most popular trend “ the nail art blush”comes from America fora n healthy look nails simply with a light rose base coat and two pink shades: nude-coral, only on the centre of the nail for a perfect blush effect and toughen up our hands delightful and extra cool!

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Nude effect sandals, a perfect match with your skin shade; the “Nude collection” by Christian Louboutin has a fleshly and simple design, a gorgeous color palette with soft lacquering finish. In collection new fashionable shades are available, as: caramel, blush, chicolate and many others…who wants the accord perfec with your skin tone. The nude hue are perfect with golden or dark tan, it’s fine fon manicure and simply chic for shoes or a silk maxi dress. The Louboutin collection has a distintive flavour and a cool design thanks to a maxi heel, courtly band and strap on the ankle and an invisible latex band that wraps the heel for more comfort. It’s time to decide! Amaze everybody with a perfect tan and sandal mix!

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A special watch, an extra cool design to show hours or great times…all of that is “Mademoiselle J12” by Chanel Horologerie. An iconic watch in limited edition with an hi-tech baked clay finish, automatic movement and winding, but…what does it make so special? It’s a particular pick dedicated to Coco Chanel with an ironic and comic details that make it an easy-chic accessorie, perfect for every styles! Available in two version:black or white, the dial is really lovely, where a stylized Coco (with a fine suit and hat) shows minutes and seconds through her arms so happy hours with mademoiselle Coco!


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Glamorous Gold


Precious chains, simple design, New York atmoshere…

A retro fashion mood connected to heritage and craftmanship of Tiffany&Co. creations. The new collection “Tiffany city hardwear” was ispired to New York city with stylized shapes of the classical “link” chain extoled to the yellow gold finish. The models was been reinvented by a special jewel on 1971 and now, this creation have a contemporary mood and design elements as the bracelet, necklace and earring coordinate of the “wrap” collection with plaited chain and the possibility to make them rich trought precious charms as: the padlock or the gold sphere.  Luxury jewels but simple with a ladylike and timeless statement as well as its testimonial who can be catch the essence: Lady Gaga.

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okOn july an exclusive event for all fashionistas and capsule collection lovers…
The classical made in italy brand Tod’s matches the contemporary style of the digital fashion icon Chiara Ferragni for a special project “#Chiaralovestods”.
A collaboration that reinvents two historical creations: the “gommino double t” loafer and the “diodon bag”.
Chiara has played an active part with Tod’s creative team, follows every collection part from the material choice to style details…
About result?
Two sparkling creations: the ladylike suede loafer with fine blush pink shade and a strong bag with small rubber tips on the surface and a candy pink pastel color.
On july it will be available in every Tod’s store in Italy and in ten selected shops in the world.
Are you ready?

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Small bees grow up on dresses and accessories…

And with spring the protagonist not be only colored blooming bouquet but also fun industrious bees, printed on every fashionable picks. Bees becomes the cul subject by Gucci, that loved embroider on denim jackets, dresses and above all on gorgeous Dionysus bag, but, also the queen bee flies like a luxury embroadery on Dior dresses and accessories. The accessories contest is the ideal bee dimension as a simple appliqués on the Salar bags or Accessorize bags and stripes bee collection, or extols with gold finish and precious crystals on neeklace and rings as the maxi earrings with bee by Dolce&Gabbana, the Delfina Delettrez earcuff “bee or not to bee” and the “pearl with bee” collection by Tous. so…the little bees are not only a fashionable pattern but, they are the honey producers, a precious substance for cosmetic. Honey has many properties as the moisturizer power and nourishing, a main ingredient of many new cosmetics: “abelle royale” by Guerlain, the honey collection by Sephora and Kihel’s “pure vitality skin renewing cream”. Bee…a precious treasure to protect!


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