A girlish bag

lv borsa

One bag, one story.
One bag, many models.
One bag, only one name: “City Steamer Bag” by Louis Vuitton.

The Steamer bag has an old story and a tradition; it was born in 1901 and its name was ispired by the english steamer boat. It was practical and safe with many laces, padlocks, pockets and divisions… so, a real traveling jewl!
If you can add to old story the creativity and inspiration of the ceative director Nicolas Ghesquiére, the result is absolutly exceptional!
Now, there is a devolution of Steamer bag, named “City Steamer”, it has the same shape and functional soul, many colors combinations, the safe of the padlock and the amazing leather tag where you can impress your initials. The design is simple, the body is semi-stiff and inside there is a pockets division for a perfect objects organization. A versatile accessory for every style, casual, boho-chic and avant-garde. Thanks to different colors, the City Steamer appears never the same; my favourite version is monochrome but there are also the three-colored model as: soft pink-black-white or red-soft pink-black, to all black lovers there is a totally black bag. Naturally, there are three sizes: the big “GM”, the practical-medium “MM” and the little chic “PM”. So… one bag, one love!

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