A New World


Have you noticed something new? Since today for all the Coachella Hipster followers, who have follow us since more than a year in our world out of classic outlines , with a special way to live and talk about fashion . There is a new world of content to discover.

What can you find on the new Coachella Hipster? So, first of all new graphic arts, a completely new website, with a fanciful mood, and also a dynamic and entertaining setting. In fact, you can visualize the articles divided in thematic area or simply from the latest one by order of publication;  also the image section will be enriched with original photos and many other surprises that I won’t tell you yet… There will also be special areas dedicated to the “icons of the moment” and “young  talents.”

And it is the space for young talents and the great new stuff! Yes, because Coachella Hipster it is not the usual Fashion Blog, as you already know. With the restyling of the site we want to reach an image than can make the young designers feel more “at home”, because they will be able to share with us his own inspiration. Our “Space 4 Talents” will be your shop window, a tool that we offer to promote and advertise your talent alongside other brands who will want to use the same space. But the news doesn’t end here!

Also more space will be given to you, who prefer simply to comment, intervene or give advice at any time, because for us your opinion is important! In short, all this and more is waiting for you, to grow and have fun together! Our space is your space … Welcome in a new world!



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