Every city have its style and rules and Berlin has its own!

Berlin is a big cosmopolitan city, a real shopping capital, it can be smart, fair and not foreseen.
On the book “The Berliner – Guide to alternative chic” by Angelika Tashen and Alexa Von Heyden we’ll come with them to discover traditions and lifesstyle secrets of a perfect berliner: her style, shops, house, hobbies and amazing place where to meet friends or simply toh ave a good coffee! If you can already go to Berlin, trought this guide-book you can discover many curiosities, not only the beautiful architectures and culture but to touch stilish and healthy mood of this city!

The real berliner loves new brands and native designers, she is an experimenter and organizes her professional life with accuracy. You never seen a berliner with maxi logo belts or t-shirts… her looks turns on white blouse, jeans, fine dresses and an unfailing big bag.
She prefers good accessories as extravagant shoes, with colorful patterns or creazy colors (better if they are court shoes), bags (a big model for the day, small and essential for the night), or innovative design jewls. Discovered Berlin with the berliner’s eyes! It’s a gorgeous experience: elegance, discretion, natural beauty and care own are her “must have”… so, you can book the tickets, what do you think about? Leave to Berlin!

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