A stylish t-shirt


The most stylish t-shirt of the moment

New year, a new argument and we start the 2017 with the most stylish t-shirt of the moment, a made in Italy product by Dolce&Gabbana. The idea was born by the occasion of the F/W 2016-2017 campaign on the Naple’s evocative streets and the t-shirt was been created to celebrate Naple and the spirit, colors and all Italina beauties. This special t-shirt had a particular moment at the end of the S/S 2017 fashion parade, where 91 models dressed it marche with brocade miniskirt, a look already beloved by all it-girls. A fashionable t-shirt, limited edition with gorgeous details, flowery appliqués as roses and poppies, fruits and crystal embroaderies, but not only, the curiosity is the inscription: “i was there!” in different languages, English, Italian, Chinese, French and many others… a t-shirt, the Italian soul, a dream to dress!

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