“Gucci Ghost”, from visionary genius Alessandro Michele to eclectic street artist Trouble Andrew

Last 26th October, in Gucci’s shop on Condotti street in Rome, an exclusive party for the collection “Gucci Ghost” has extoled the visionary genius Alessandro Michele (Gucci’s creative director) and the Canadian eclectic street artist Andrew Trevor (stage name Trouble Andrew); we of Coachella Hipter there were!

The special join between Alessandro Michele and Trouble Andrew is much more, in the Gucci Ghost collection there are freedom, their friendship, to be a non conformist artists and a great creativity sense. Trouble andrew is a street artist, dj, musician and a videoclip director; but he had to fight against many obstacles, criticisms and prejudices, as well as his “Gucci Ghost”, already started three years ago but misunderstood until the lucky encounter with Alessandro Michele who gave him friendship and confidence…Gucci ghost was born in this way, a bit for fun and don’t be take seriosly wish, because an Halloween night in New York Andrew dressed up as ghost but fashion with a Gucci logo sheet, thenks to the Alessandro Michele and Trouble Andrew cooperation a lively, fresh, young and contemporary collection was born.
Crezy prints as stars, skulls, colors, graffiti is the Gucci Ghost soul togheter the run inscriptions connected with the Andrew’s life; the classic “GG” motif reinvents becoming street grunge. Andrew has a great talent but the first lesson that we can learn is “believe in yourself”, in our passions even if the life say: “give up!” you must always persevere!

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