Black, white and… Karlito!


Karl Lagerfeld: an icon for fashionistas

Karl Lagerfeld. A name, a success guaranteed in the fashion contest. His face, his personality, an inimitable look are becoming a real label and an “icon” for fashionistas. The Karlito’s world is changing the fashion rules, it always brings new ideas, trasforms and adapts itself with the trends of the moment. The Karlito’s army has flooded the Fendi’s universe with its colored fur charms, to the extravagant and pop mood, his face was printed on t-shirts, sweatshirts, clutches and i-pad case, until the new watch “Fendi my-way Karlito”, with an amazing design inspired by Karl’s style: on the dial the “Lagerfeld caricature” with his oversize black sunglasses-white hair and white bow-tie. The details are refined as the smooth leather black watch strap and multicolor fur elements, so, this is the hottest pick for th next season!

A brand new project: Karl Kustomize

The Karl’s mind is rich of ideas and creativity sense, the last one project is “Karl Kustomize”on his online store, a customize sneakers service where you can select different colors, materials, exotic lethers and textures, choose the details as the shoelaces and soles. An at the end you can sign your masterpiece on the shoe’s tongue… only to feel like Karl Lagerfeld!


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