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The spring is arrived and we have feel like of colors and carefreeness…so…why not?

What can we do for our hair? Amazing head of hair like Katy Perry or Kylie Jenner…a bit “my little pony”, many pastel colors for a light look, to play and fun!
All of that it’s possible, thanks to two new products by l’Oréal Paris.
The first is “colorista spray”, a make-up for hair that has gone out to first washing, available in seven shades as: turquoise, pastel blue, strawberry blonde, dirty pink…for a rainbow style!
The second product is “colorista whasout” formula, to apply like a shampoo, to work about 20 minutes and your crezy color will be short for 15 days (it’available in 12 shades).
On l’Oréal website there are different tutorials with colorista’s techniques as multicolored trend and mermaid style. On instagram, creazy colored hair and plaits draw the crowds, amazing the Natasha Poly and Karlie Kloss l’Oréal look…extraordinary colorista’s testimonials!

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Grand Spa


Big windows, Oriental taste, fair luxury but of rare beauty…all of that in the spectacular Palazzo Parigi Grand Spa, a little paradise in the Milano heart.
Exotic atmospheres create by the architect Paolo Giambelli that let the client in a holiday mood, carefree and of totally relax. Every room is specialist in different beauty treatments and details and furnishings are connected by the inspiration countries as: Morocco, Bali, India, China; Polynesia and Sweden.
Many beauty rituals to renew our body, mind and spirit; there are sauna, pools, massages and a great selection of particular rituals as the Hamman with hot and cold rooms, body scrubs and argan oil massages that renew the skin with amazing results!
At the end of the day or between the beauty routine you can be relax with tasty infusions, tisane or with an healthy lunch in the lovely room in front of the garden… a special day to find ourself!

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Best Wishes


2016 is going to end and Coachella Hipster wants to tell a great

Thanks for the passion with you follow us and everyday we are growing up togheter.
This year, has been rich of innovations as the website restyling, more pictures, more dynamic mood and an increased of our young team and each of us has with a precise task: the page’s management, the pictures selection, the interviews, the articles supervision and who writes and choices the arguments.
Coachella hipster is an ideas factory, a particular balance between images and detailed post about fashion and trends. Our choice is unusual but we believe in this project and for the next year we have many innovations as: new contents, new interviews, original fashion sketches area, focus on young fashion designer… a new way of life and to see the fashion is coming!

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Who is the model of the year?


Simple, Gigi Hadid!

Gigi has a great family, beloved and beautiful, Anwar, Bella and her manager-mo, Yolanda. Bella and Gigi: two sister and two popular models with successful on social profiles togheter their friends Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift. Blonde long hair, blue eyes and a contemporary beauty, Gigi Hadid is an avant-garde model, she isn’t only a “super model”, she has also a strong character and a spontaneous mood.
Gigi is the most request testimonial, she is the Max Mara perfect icon and she has a special tie with Tommy Hilfiger, in fact, the model was been the brand muse trought a capsule collction F/W 2016 “Gigi x Tommy” inspired by the sailor style with a particular casual-chic look and an amazing accessories collection. She is the face of Versace, l’Oreal and an appreciate model by Fendi, Balmain and Moschino…the Gigi’s souls are many and all differen, she goes by naturally to several catwalks, making every dresses unique.
So, on 5th december at the Royal Albert Hall in London, about the Fashion Awards 2016 Contest, Gigi Hadid was elected “Best International Model”, instead, on 30 th November Gigi was been the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in Paris, where she was a perfect angel but to be good!

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Boy-Misia-Beige and Coronmandel


A collection of precious and exclusive fragrances, full of history and charm…

It’s Christmas time! it’s time to special presents and coachella Hipster has some good addice for you! A precious scents collection, rich oh history and charm: “les exclusifs” by Chanel that contains thoughts and philosophy of mademoiselle Coco. Coco Chanel, an unconventional woman, a life rich of passions and a fashion avant-garde soul. Beige and coronmandel are the most ancient fragrance created by the mastery of Jacques Polge and now, his son, Olivier Polge has introduced two new perfumes: Boy and Misia. The first, recalls a particular episode of the Coco’s life, the meeting with the English gentleman Boy Capel, the Coco’s biggest love, a man keen on of Oriental arts and first backer of the Chanel projects. Boy melt masculine and femminine thanks to strong spices taste as musk, sandalwood and vanilla combine to lime, lavander and geranium rosat (Egypt rose) features. Misia, instead, is ispired by the velvets, luxurious embroaderies and the Russian ballet magic atmosphere, with iris, benzonino and violet… an elegant scents, eccentric as much as is necessary but never foreseen!

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How will the future hair dryer be?

The ansie is now: it’s Dyson Supersonic!
A futuristic design, intelligent heat control, powerfull digital motor dyson V9, trought the negative ions power the hair don’t charge, the heavy balance is innovative, because the weight lies in the handle for more easy to handle and precision.
A made in England product, a fruit of many studies and experts team to deepen the different hair world typology, all of that to create a spectacular hair dryer that doesn’t spoil the hair.
Trought the “air multiplier” technology the fine hair will be protect, the frizzy hair will be discipline and the curly will be model, all the requests will be satisfy!
Three warm levels and airflow settings with led indicators, cold shot option to fix the set, three styling attachments with magnetic holding: smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator for the single lock and diffuser.the Dyson qualities are many, your hair will have a new life! So, the cost is expensive but it’s a great investment! On exclusive Sephora there is a fashionable Dyson model in stainless steel and pink metal details… It’s so cool!

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Victor Victoria


It’s Victoria mania!

If you appreciate the make up world and a gorgeous look like the latest F/W 2016 parades, follow the Vic advices! Who is Vic?
Naturally, Victoria Beckham, the fashion woman with an impeccable style, taste and a curious criticism resistance.
She has built an empire, in fact her brands is famous in all world! Victoria is an eclectic fashion designer and now she is ready for new projects and challenges as the latest collaboration with the American brand Estée Lauder, for a limited edition make up collection.
Four extra cool looks for four women who want to express a strong personality and self-confidence.
The collection ispires to the Victoria’s mood, her stilisti background, her best cities as: London, Los Angeles, Paris and New York; everyone with its beauty and woman idea… all of that was connected by a simple make up rules:bright skin, sensual smokey eyes and clear nude or red lips. Los Angeles player on natural healthy gloww style with gold-bronze shades, more cool and girlie New York look with delightful eyeshadow palette, blue peacock, deep grey and wood green, instead, London is mysterious with an impeccable glance composed by black eyeliner and metal eyeshadows, the last one, the courtly and romantic Paris atmosphere with graphic eye and gourgeous red lip! It’s Victoria mania!

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Stylish Scents


Louis Vuitton, Cartier an Christian Louboutin: three names for three new fragrances, each one with its story and personality.

Christian Louboutin launches his first ultra femmnine perfume collection, bold and fleshly like the famous red sole: the dream of all of us!

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A sweet rose scent


A sweet rose scent, a romantic sevret garden in the Provenza’s heart… freedom, dynamic and freshness.

It’s the new Chanel perfume: N.5 l’Eau.
The iconic Chanel N.5 l’eau has an old great history: it was born in 1921 from the maestry of Ernst Beaux.

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The Kylie’s eyes


Kylie Jenner: the smallest sister of the most crazy tv family: the Kardashian!

She is smaller than her famous super model sister Kendall, but she already has a pesonal successful career. Kylie has built (tank to a strong personality and her social profile) a little fortune in the make up area.

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