Kendall Jenner Open Shirt-tout

Lace, pop colors, embroaderies, precious details, transparencies…

image1-1Many models for every styles, but under our clothes, a secret pick of our look, that now, became an outfit protagonist: the bra.3C28696200000578-4122970-Going_home_Following_their_intense_session_the_pair_headed_out_t-a-21_1484531059872
On instagram celebrities and fashion influencer shows off wonderful bra or lace top, matches with used or vintage effect jeans, tailored jackets or boho-chic maxi dress. Bra is the team pick of our wardrobe, for a fleshly or extravagant look as Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Chiara Ferragni, Hailey Baldwin…
Street look with a lace top, boyfriend jeans and jerkin (you can try to wear a black lace bra on a white t-shirt…it’s fun!). Instead, for a ladylike statement you can wear a lace bra under a mini dress with a transparencies effect. You can choose Victoria’s Secret, Intimissimi, La Perla, Ermanno Scervino underwear…luxury and quality lingerie because this time…it’s look!

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Combine art and fashion together, two complementary souls for a gorgeous collection: “MAESTRO”. Maestro is a special collaboration between Louis Vuitton and the american neo-pop artist Jeff Koons. Koons has reproduced some parts or details of arts masterpiece: Van Gogh, Rubens; Tiziano, Jean Honoré Fragonard and above all Leonardo da Vinci with the most beautiful art woman “la Gioconda”.the works of art was printed on iconic bags as: Neverfull, Speedy and Keepall. Print was melted with pop color as blue and red, there are unpublished details as the signeture, particular monogram elements and a curious leather rabbit charm (the Koon’s sign). Besides, every accessorie contains the Maestro and his masterpiece biography. On 11th April the “maestro collection” was presented for the first time in a delightful backdrop in Paris: the Louvre museum. Many fashion influencer and celebrities at the event, Kate Blanchet. Miranda Kerr, Lea Seydoux…so, art it’s so fashionable!

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New Chanel it bagnamed “Gabrielle Chanel”, a tribute from Karl Lagerfeld to mademoiselle Coco (but her name was Gabrielle).

okThis new bag has many iconic elements, as: matelassé lether effect, long chain introduced for the first time by Coco to be freedom the woman imprisoned by the bags handle.
Gabrielle Chanel is practical, light, the matelassé leather effect is soft, the strip have chain and colored leather parts and its lenght to afford to put it in different styles; the color combination has a playfulness and lively mood (gorgeous the version in blue-red-yellow) but the models are many as well as shapes and materials.
To throw the collection, Karl Lagerfeld has choosen three testimonial with different strong personality, each, with a particular way to wear the Gabrielle Chanel.

Kristen Stewart has a rock-modern identity, dishevelled haircut, sulky expression, a courtly Chanel jacket (the iconic petite veste noire) on a black sweatshirt and Gabrielle to wear like a 2simple bag. Cara Delevingne is trendy with a street look: skateboard, hat, long blond hair and two colored Gabrielle cross the body…a free and urban style addict! Caroline de Maigret is the classic french woman, fine and with a ladylike style. So… Gabrielle Chanel has many souls and worths, created from of timeless and immortal woman.

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Coachella Style!


Everything is ready for the second weekend of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (more commonly known as “Coachella”), which has become, in very few years, one of the most important music festivals in the world.
Scenario of musical kermesse is Indio, a city about two hundred kilometers from Los Angeles.
To distinguish the Festival and make it unique in its style is the influence that has immediately practiced on fashion is about new trends, so as to become a springboard for new proposals. Many brands have taken advantage of it to introduce new collections to the public and to be advertised. On the same wake models, artists and influents coming from the middle world.
Hence our great source of inspiration (testifies to the name of our Blog!).
From 2013 the festival takes place in two consecutive weekends, where the same artists hold concerts at a distance of a week …
The “Mascotte” of the festival is the grand panorama wheel, romantic scenery of so many live photos taken.
If you are wondering what is in the jar of converted glass jars, present in many concerts and parties videos, the answer is much simpler than expected: the excellent Californian wine label Cupcake Vineyards.
From glamor to music! Again this year’s training left everyone breathless: by Lady Gaga’s extraordinary interpretation of the great return of Radiohead and Kendrick Lamar, passing through Drake with the Future and Rocky with Tyler the Creator … without forgetting Lord and Justice !
But it’s not all … useless to go to Coachella if we can not take part
The Revolve Festival, for example, has become an unmissable appointment for all style and fashion icons!
Skating rink, reading tent, pool music, REVOLVE really has everything.
All the world’s most famous fashion bloggers and gurus gathered here to celebrate together the coolest days of the year!

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Sweet nothings


Precious messages to keep always with us, contained in a fine jewl created by Tiffany&Co for a special opportunities. This collection is “Sweet nothings”, it has a courtly mood with a thin chain and a charm like a detailed little envelope that you can open and inside a surprise… a sweet message, simply:”LOVE”. A romantic and curious declaration of love or a show of affection. On request you can customize the signature inside. The versions are  three: classic silver, yellow gold and the extra cool for this season the pink gold!

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Crazy alphabet click

Karl Lagerfeld alla sfilata Metiers d'Art di Chanel al Ritz di Parigi, 6 dicembre 2016(PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/Getty Images)

The iconic Fendi bags (above all the gorgeous and stylish last one: Kan I) have the new elements as: new straps collection, pompon and now, new charms named “ABC click”, playfulness style, gold finish and crezy color fur details. Fendi alphabet to compose sentences, messages, initials or to hook at bags, straps with prepared connection, key ring, shoes and…why not? To make rich an earring or as a fun necklace charm. Many possibilities in a click!

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Tre borse super cool.02

borsa1Three extra cool bags for the next season. Three bags keen on by shopa holic, models and fashion influencer. Three different bags and feature but it joined by tradition and sole style. To combine bon ton shape to rock mood it’s possible in “Valentino Garavani- rockstud spike” bag; amazing craquelé effect leather with geometrical studs disposition, you can wear it by strap or handle. The colors are many and it’s available in 3 sizes: small-medium-large. The fashion campaign was been a successful, thanks to a curious idea by creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli and the photographer Terry Richardson, photographing the newyorker of Lower Manhattan with their rockstud spike looks…for a new versatile it-bag! Elegance, tradition and innovation combine in an historical luxury brand, Maria Grazia Chiuri, creative director Dior focus on freshness and playfulness style for the new “J’adior bag” (a mash up between Dior and adore). borsa2
A stylish bag that you can transform from a shoulder bag to a simple clutch. Fine shape, antique gold finish details and monochrome leather version…a bag to be delightful! The timeless ladylike statment,resonable shape for the new Cartier “must-c” bag; smooth lether, side logo and leather strap for a practical- chic bag. The must-c is available in different shades as black, bordeaux and grey quartz.

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foto sito

The most popular fashion influencer in the world, Chiara Ferragni, goes to Japan…

For the new Shiseido make up event, particulary for two extraordinary products as the foundation “synchro skin glow” and the beauty cream treatment “Shiseido bio-performance”. Main inspiration of Shiseido, (a beauty institution in the make-up contest)thats comes from science, sperimentation and tradition, the perfect balance since 140 years. Now, Chiara Ferragni is the perfect testimonial, a young millenial, a modern icon, a make up lover but with natural effect, so, she transformed in a manga heroine who focus on a surprise result “comic against reality”.
“Make up your life” the main slogan campaign, a brand that renew itself, thanks to Chiara style. You can see the video on Shiseido website…the make up is never been so amazing with the Shiseido powers.

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A colored sketch book focus on emotions and traditions about New York, all of that in the book “New York through a fashion eye” by Megan Hess.

Megan is a graphic designer became famous trough the “Sex and the city” illustration book by Candance Bushell.
The Megan’s drawings are requests and appreciated by Vanity Fair, Vogue, Dior, Chanel, Cartier, Balmain, Prada…only to summon something.
Leafing through her last book pages the reader is shows by Megan’s sketches in the New York atmosphere, a wonderful backdrop, the best places, secrets and fashionable icons: the Central Park air, the art passion with Moma and Guggheneim Museum, the met gala glamour, the colored of Times Square, the shopaholic shops and luxury brand from Tiffany&Co to Fivestory, a fine aperitif at King Cole bar and a gorgeous cupcake at Magnolia bakery.
An amazing New York picture that contains the Megan’s passion and love for a city that changes, full of traditions, different cultures and a real fashion attitude!
All of that telling by Megan through a pen and color palette.

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Luminous jewls, not only to sparkle but to communicate yourself, your emotions and affections.
Precious creations with an extremely cool and gorgeous design, become the “team picks” of many celebrities and fashion blogger.
The Gaia Spallanzani Lunard jewls come from an old story of family and traditions with the Spallanzani jeweller’s, was born in Milan in 1880.
Now, the head jeweller is Gaia, with her passion, details care and the original and contemporary design that win over the younger, thanks to the amazing mood and the particular blend between pink gold and multicolor diamonds.
Every jewl is made in Italy and created by craft techniques.
You can find the Gaia creations by Colette store in Paris or on net-à-porter.
The must have picks are the chevalier with initials customized and the fine bangle “only you” ready to be only for you, thanks to the customizing with letters, symbols and sentences.
All of that realized with colored diamonds to shine with fantasy!

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