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The most popular fashion influencer in the world, Chiara Ferragni, goes to Japan…

For the new Shiseido make up event, particulary for two extraordinary products as the foundation “synchro skin glow” and the beauty cream treatment “Shiseido bio-performance”. Main inspiration of Shiseido, (a beauty institution in the make-up contest)thats comes from science, sperimentation and tradition, the perfect balance since 140 years. Now, Chiara Ferragni is the perfect testimonial, a young millenial, a modern icon, a make up lover but with natural effect, so, she transformed in a manga heroine who focus on a surprise result “comic against reality”.
“Make up your life” the main slogan campaign, a brand that renew itself, thanks to Chiara style. You can see the video on Shiseido website…the make up is never been so amazing with the Shiseido powers.

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