Do it yourself with “Osteria Francescana”


9th March 2017, Gucci’s shop in Condotti street-Rome…

Coachella Hipster was a the special event “do it yourself” Gucci, celebrated by “Osteria Francescana” catering of Massimo Bottura, world famous chef with a particular cookery philosophy and passion, against the wastes but carefully on traditions and raw materials. You can customize different Gucci’s items by do it yoursel service: the gorgeous dyonisus bag, shoes and jackets. Colored and sophisticated patches with extra cool details, selected by Alessandro Michele creativity follow harmony shades and sole contrast. Blooming branches compositions, butterflies, the iconic snake, stars, tigers, dragonflies, signatures… the Gucci’s universe was never rich and now, it’s on your available.
Only your fantasy can choose color combinations, lethers, details, gold or silver finish, patches and…Why not? Complete all of this with your initials!
The night of do it yourself event made rich by Massimo Bottura speciality as the small hamburger with an extraordinary taste, contained in a little red box, in perfect Gucci style! A night to extol inspiration and creativity!

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