Flower Power

coachella fendi dotcom click

How do you think about this name ”Dotcom”? It isn’t a new app or technological object, Dotcom is the new it bag by Fendi! More of the other bags is near to the new generation requests, a multitasking generation, dynamic and demanding.

Its name come from the little poin on the centre, that, if you move it, you can look the opposite color of the clutch inside, removable for the last minute occasions. A masterpiece of design and craftmanship, it’s a bag with perfect measurement and to the double soul: chic and practicle. Naturally there are many models: the “exotics” with colored reptile leather, the “lace-up” with leather’s laces on the quadrant, fanciful the stud’s version and the super cool “flowerland” with many colored flowers applications.

The Dotcom ha san handle like a ladylike statement, but you can customize it with the amazing “strap you”, in growth collection, many colors, styles, multicolor details and embroaderies. But…tell again about flowerland collection, that it has a romantic taste but also a strong touch, every flower is a piece of research and creativity, petals placed on top with the classic point’s stud made in Fendi. The floral mania has flooded not only the dotcom model but also: “by the way”, “Baguette”, “strap you collection” and the iconic “peekaboo”.

My favourite piece is “the mini peekaboo flowerland” with many colored flowers sets on a multicolor reptile leather foundation…it’s a small precious jewel, so, the summer beauty queen!
The Fendi-flower fever characterizes also the spectacular windows mood, as wellas the small accessories (gorgeous the flower brooch). So, I know, the flowers are unfailing the summer season but the Fendi-flowers have a rock soul that strikes in all hearts… also in those of the most romantic!




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