New Chanel it bagnamed “Gabrielle Chanel”, a tribute from Karl Lagerfeld to mademoiselle Coco (but her name was Gabrielle).

okThis new bag has many iconic elements, as: matelassé lether effect, long chain introduced for the first time by Coco to be freedom the woman imprisoned by the bags handle.
Gabrielle Chanel is practical, light, the matelassé leather effect is soft, the strip have chain and colored leather parts and its lenght to afford to put it in different styles; the color combination has a playfulness and lively mood (gorgeous the version in blue-red-yellow) but the models are many as well as shapes and materials.
To throw the collection, Karl Lagerfeld has choosen three testimonial with different strong personality, each, with a particular way to wear the Gabrielle Chanel.

Kristen Stewart has a rock-modern identity, dishevelled haircut, sulky expression, a courtly Chanel jacket (the iconic petite veste noire) on a black sweatshirt and Gabrielle to wear like a 2simple bag. Cara Delevingne is trendy with a street look: skateboard, hat, long blond hair and two colored Gabrielle cross the body…a free and urban style addict! Caroline de Maigret is the classic french woman, fine and with a ladylike style. So… Gabrielle Chanel has many souls and worths, created from of timeless and immortal woman.

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