Interview with Flaminia Barosini


A new appointment with the new talent of Italian fashion, to tell her story of the successful jewelery designer Flaminia Barosini.
After graduation in Design at the European Institute of Jewellery Design (IED), she specialized in the production of small bronze and silver jewelery sculptures.
In 2012 she attended the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London.
At the end of the same year he formed his first collection, Irregular, followed then by Second Skin and Creepers, the 2015 collection completely inspired by the world of nature and climbing.
With the 2016 collection, Synapses, the focus shifts instead on neuroaesthetic charm of pure lines, marking a turning point in the maturity of the Roman designer style.

How is your passion born? Do you have some particular story to tell?
I’ve always been a lively child. However, as soon as I was put in front of the things with which I could give vent to my artistic side, I was immediately calm.
I don’t have in mind when, but certainly for some years since now I have fully embraced the world of jewelery that is part of my daily life and I’m excited about it.

What draws inspiration for your collections? Are they affected by movies, music and art in general?
Generally for my collections I look to the world of nature, which always offers incredible, fresh and cahangin insights.
For example, the synapses within the brain, the junctions between neurons, gave me food for thought for the creation of the penultimate collection “Synapses”.
While regarding the collection in progress, “Origins”, the inspiration comes from what gives rise to life, the male gamete cell which has the task of fertilizing the female.
Music, film and art are obviously fundamental sources to ensure that our mind is filled with information that, turning into emotions, will lead to the creative stage.

To all the young people who undertake this work, what do you recommend?
I am “young” too, but I can give some advice based on my small experience: if you believe in something, always persevere!
It is also crucial to associate with the creative part with the commercial one, that has the same importance, and without which it is difficult to continue.
My half of the apple is my sister Federica, who is in charge of brand marketing and selling.

We know that you have studied in London. How this has influenced your career?
I believe that life is a bit like a sponge, the more knowledge and experience you gain, the more heavy baggage that we find on our shoulders.
So every experience tends to influence a process, or at least this is what happens to me.

What is the process of realization of your collections? What is the point of departure?
I define myself an atypical designer because my collections arenot drawn on paper.
After doing much research and have found my inspiration I begin to work the wax and, as if it were a work sculpture, I carve and model it, and I shape it giving life to my prototype.
After this, through the old process of lost wax casting, the metal replaces the wax (dissolving it) and transforming it into a work of wearable art.

Can you give us some anticipation about the next collection?
I’m still working on it…

Who wore your first creation? Do you have some special memory?
As  per routine, after giving birth to a jewel I am the one who test his fit and comfort.
So even at that time it was my “honor”, if I can say this, to be able to wear one of my creations.
Wear your emotions is not a luck everyone has: is a unique feeling!

Dreams for the future?
Dreams are the spice of life, we have many and we hope to achieve them step by step!


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