Interview with Michela Fasanella


“For each collection I learn something new and today I would not know to give up to do so”.

To tell us about her success and her passion is Michela Fasanella, roman designer and founder of the fashion brand Aroma30.
After studying at the Academy of Costume and Fashion in Rome and at St Martins College in London, the Fasanella has collaborated with Valentino and Salvatore Ferragamo offices.
Now she founded her brand and each dress perfectly reflects her vision of women’s fashion.
Michela Fasanella also works as a freelance consultant for some foreign brands and as a lecturer at the Academy of Costume and Fashion.
(Photo Credits  Chiara Kurtovic)

How did Aroma30?
After some experience in various fashion houses have felt the need to also learn the “technical side” of design and have developed some unique pieces with a team of seamstresses to test my skills and fill in any gaps. For each collection I learn something new and today I would not know to give up to do so.

What advice would you give to young Italian designers, who dream to open a fashion house? What were the greatest difficulties?
If at the beginning I had been aware of the difficulties would have scared me and I would never have started, so do not tell young designers what were the problems, I would discourage them! And then it is said that the same would face my difficulties, each path is to himself. The advice I can give is to be very careful to budget management and not lose enthusiasm in front of the disappointment, because they are part of the route. The joy of building their own vision and grow with it is great, so if you feel this drive is worth trying.

We read that one of his sources of inspiration is Federico Fellini. How does the film or music influence in your creations?
As well as photography, art or direct experiences, cinema and music help me to imagine a world, to create an internal archive and staff to draw from.
Creativity feeds on images and atmospheres, and it is the mix of the various elements that can be born something new.

What is the process of realization of a chief Aroma30? How did?
The first step is the creation of mood boards, a search and collection of images that help me to understand (and communicate) the collection concept. Then there is the design, selection of materials and the creation of the royal leader with the seamstresses who follow me for years. In the case of clothes designed on request there is a component in more and the customer is involved in the entire process, from design to the development of the details.

You thinks that Italy is still a reference point for the international fashion? To the youth of today we want to stay or leave?
Yes, I am convinced that it is still the main reference point for fashion upscale. The production of many luxury brands is still Made in Italy. The reason is the special care and love that many people put into their work, and that is the basic craft, popular in all over the boot. There is a tradition, still alive, to aim for excellence of their work and derive satisfaction from doing things perfectly, where often in other countries is the manufactory is viewed simply a job. There are many reports on the internet confirming that even today Italy is the leading producer of high quality products, followed by France, with a distance from everyone else. The hope is that certain traditions and skills can also extend to the new generations, and I think that’s going beyond the most optimistic forecasts.
Advice to young people leaving to expand horizons, to knowledge, experience new ways of seeing things and live life. Then, if anything, can choose to return or stay abroad, each finds its dimension where you feel most at home. I came back from England richer in experience and I’m happy.

The first time you saw your dress on the street, what did you feel?
Disbelief. I would just draw and realize clothing and I never stopped to think that someone could choose, on any day, to wear my boss to live his day. I spent years dreaming about my clothes on the catwalk, then when I saw a person wearing a hood my street I realized that for me was a thousand times more important than the reality. The fact that someone chooses my head for a moment of his life, it is everyday life or an important occasion, and feel represented by this head, is something that touches me deep inside, and it makes me feel very satisfied in my work.

What are your future plans?
Grow at a slow but tangible as I always have, following my road in absolute freedom.

What is the boss that there should always be in every woman’s wardrobe?
One that does fit his true personality with its ideal personality.

What is for you the perfect image of “elegance”? He has his muse?
In my opinion it is the elegance feel good in the world and move around at ease. It constructs a way to represent us without having to prove anything (belonging to a group, social status, knowledge of trends and other things of adolescence). I have many muses, one in particular is Sofia Coppola has a consistent style over time, simple and sophisticated, and not follow the fashions.

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