Interview with Violante Nessi

intervista violante nessi

Violante Nessi is a young designer, full of passion, with an eclectic and lively nature, with a deep love and care for her work…

In a pleasant interview she told us that lately has organized an event in her garage with some dresses of her collection mixed to kitsch and fun items like a large pink flamingo…
Yes, because she tells us: “the best ideas are born in a garage” and Coachella Hipster hopes that those ideas can have a long and radiant path.

What is fashion for you and what do you feel has changed in recent years?
Today fashion is trendy, it runs fast, in a continuous succession of trend; for me, however, it is the exaltation of the values of all the rediscovery of tradition and the concept of elegance in its purest form, but actualized in a dimension young, fresh and contemporary.

Have you chosen the fashion or it chose you?
It was definitely the fashion to choose me. Drawing since I was little, in elementary school I loved pencils and colors, but the turning point in my path were the numerous design courses that I attended to show my father that my dowry of this I could make it work … Now I state that he is proud of me.

What most influences your style? Do you have a muse?
What most influences my style comes from the art world and all that is part of it; They are not the trends and fashions of the moment, but the love for the artistic and creative gesture.
Personalities such as Frida Kahlo and Jackson Pollock are my myths, particularly I developed a kind of fetishistic vision and unconditional passion for Pollock’s work and his life.

What is the adjective orthe word that represents you?
I try not to anchor myself to anything that is predetermined by definition, because in my opinion is a limit, like the desire for change.

Paper and pencil or technology?
I draw and paint by hand, I love the free and creative act but the technology is a valuable ally … I would say that neither excludes the other, rather they are complementary.

What is the dress to which you are more connected and what is the image of woman that inspires your collections?
Among the items to which they are more connected, a dress with bare shoulders, side slits, and one of my drawings on the front of a 2016 collection and more recently a knit dress with miniskirt.
The woman I represent is a dreamer with the desire to succeed in life and in the professional, working to achieve his personal goals and achievements.

What advice would you give to young designers who want to undertake this work: to gain experience abroad or staying in Italy?
I would highly recommend to experience abroad, I did, London, New York … is very important to deal with the work of others, their methods of processing and design of the projects, but not taking them as absolute examples, keep always alive and stuck to his inspiration, taste and style that make each of us unique.

Can you call yourself an “experimental designers”?
Yes, I like to interact with art and fashion but in a dimension of simplicity, what more I seek in my work is the clean lines, but designed for a result that is different, innovative and authentic.

How important is art in your creations?
Art is important but it is not the foundation of everything, is the main theme, an added value but is not the only thing on which to focus, in my collections there is also a study of shapes, lines and often love to use neutral colors or entirely monochromatic outfits.

What do you think about Social Network and how to influence the fashion world?
It has a huge weight, I’m not a fan but the most important thing is to use it with consciousness and not to use.
In fashion is vital, it is a showcase for the image and identity of your brand in the world.

What must pass down your creations?
Authenticity, the rediscovery of traditions, simplicity and taste of elegance in a contemporary way.

What is a wish and a plan for your future?
This project is also a desire to expand the image of my brand on the web, so anyone looking for a rediscovery of refinement and elegance in everyday style.

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