It’s Cuba Time


The most fashionable destination of 2017? Naturally, it’s Cuba!

cuba1The city of contraddictions but also to live with de light and always to keep time of music! cuba3
Between colonial palaces, Déco details and light decadent atmosphere, the promenade “Paseo del prado” in Havana was the evocative backdrop of Chanel Cruise Parade 2017, one f the most beautiful collection of the last years; crazy, colored, fancifull with a strong character like its creator: Karl Lagerfeld.
The main inspiration comes from the film “Soy Cuba” and the Gareth Jenkins photoes “Havana in my heart”: they are reflected in the collection trought the nostalgic mood, the joyfull rithm and fun colors like many Cuba’s souls.

Fringes, feathers, the epoch cars or the flowers on small balcony as prints on the long skirts; but the real protagonists was been the accessories: all the models had the classic panama hat, the scarf to put up the hair and fashionable weaves bags, like a basket or the wood clutches inspired by the cigar box, but also the unfailing bracelets cascades and the amazing pins with the Cuba’s motif as pineapples, avocado, flowers, cactus and many others… extremely ultra femminine the knit colored dresses and the fine pencil skirts but above all the “must have” item:the t-shirt “viva Coco Cuba libre!” so…we love Cuba!

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