Mixed Salad – “Poke Sushi”


Today, we are talking about an healthy fashionable food experience…

On instagram, colored and stage photo plates have may success… The protagonist? Certainly, the salad!
The salad in every shade and different ingredients, beloved by celebrities and a balanced plate for an healthy lifestyle. The salads are fashionable and they  have a specific trend selection, lately the English love the “poke sushi”, a reinvented sushi that melted the classic raw fish (but cut in small cube) excellent the salmon and tuna matched with soya, quinoa, sesame, almonds and avocado…
A rich courtly plate. What would you think about to dress the salad with flowers? It’s great!
An amazing trend, because the flowers pep-up the plate with colors, fibre, minerals and vitamins contains in the petals.
Fun and fresh the classic fruit salad: strawberries,pears, apples are an excellent reserve, instead, for an Hawaiian version you can combine the salad to fresh cheese, pineapple and boiled ham…
Just you try it! The last salad trend come from the healthy fanatic Jessica Alba with a “multitasking” salad: white meat, steamed vegetables, almonds and fresh fruits…an healthy-good meal!

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