Special Ties


Sometimes special ties and cooperation create something of unique.

Today we talk about two new fashion talents, but in different sectors. First of all Lolita Jacobs, young influencer and fashion icon, who thanks to her freshness and contemporary style, she was selected by DoDo to create an exclusive charms collection for the department store “Colette” in Paris.

Small pink gold charms and black or white diamonds, that can be the perfect neecklaces or bracelets components by the colored lace, for a casual-chic style, fair but amazing!
The shapes are many… squares, rounds or rectangular and badge mark are the engraved sentences interpret by Lolita with the new digital language generation.
The most popular expression “amour”, “biche” like “best friend” in French speech or “badass” as “cool” and many others, all curious and fun!
The second special tie, joins the Mexican spirit and Puglia soul of Salar Bicherenloo and Francesca Monaco who create in Milan a bags collection named “Salar“.
Thanks to the femminine glance and Francesca’s creativity as well as the industrial design experience of Salar their products have many badge details as the round body, geometrical mood, luxury materials and strong components as bicolor fringes, rock studs, bright stars, pop or pastel shades that melt an exotic style and made in Italy tradition.

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