2The Stuart Weitzman shoes are fashionable and stylish…a real shopaholic dream, above all the boots and cuissardes model extremely cool in this season (even more in red), but, from New York the collection makes it reach by a special capsule and the opening of pop-store, celebrated by an exclusive party, as well as its designer: Gigi Hadid.
Gigi, already brand testimonial, this year shows off a wonderful look on the campaigns with short hair and the only Weitzmen’s shoes, now, she creates an extra cool capsule collection named “Eyelovemore”, a mule model to fine design, suede fabric, caramel and blue shades and a curious embroadery eye on the top…(fancy the version with many red eyes!) so, the Gigi’s eye hits the the bull’s eye!

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Bella on the top


Serious look… a little sulky, long black hair, big expressive eye…

Another Hadid, but with a strong personality, never foreseen and professionally on the top!
She is Bella Hadid. Bella is fanciful and multifaceted, protagonist of many campaigns: Chanel, Moschino, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, a new face of Dior make-up and the last Karl Lagerfeld muse (togheter her sister Gigi) as a contemporary Marie Antoniette in the Fendi S/S 2017. Bella was appeared in a video with “the Weekend” (her ex boyfriend), she was been an “angel” in the last Victoria Secret Fashion Show in Paris and now, she is soacially busy to defend the woman’s rights. Gigi is her best friend, her confidant let alone sister, in their careers there isn’t hostility but a great complicity; they were  togheter in the “Gigi X Tommy Hilfiger” S/S 2017 parade and always togheter loading video and photoes on Instagram, shared by milion of follower.
Her looks are extra cool, she loves leather pants, crop top, transparencies, chokers, ankle boots and big black sunglasses. Model… sure, but with a personal style, passion for her work and many emotionts to a successful and radiant future!

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Who is the model of the year?


Simple, Gigi Hadid!

Gigi has a great family, beloved and beautiful, Anwar, Bella and her manager-mo, Yolanda. Bella and Gigi: two sister and two popular models with successful on social profiles togheter their friends Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift. Blonde long hair, blue eyes and a contemporary beauty, Gigi Hadid is an avant-garde model, she isn’t only a “super model”, she has also a strong character and a spontaneous mood.
Gigi is the most request testimonial, she is the Max Mara perfect icon and she has a special tie with Tommy Hilfiger, in fact, the model was been the brand muse trought a capsule collction F/W 2016 “Gigi x Tommy” inspired by the sailor style with a particular casual-chic look and an amazing accessories collection. She is the face of Versace, l’Oreal and an appreciate model by Fendi, Balmain and Moschino…the Gigi’s souls are many and all differen, she goes by naturally to several catwalks, making every dresses unique.
So, on 5th december at the Royal Albert Hall in London, about the Fashion Awards 2016 Contest, Gigi Hadid was elected “Best International Model”, instead, on 30 th November Gigi was been the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in Paris, where she was a perfect angel but to be good!

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Sporty New York


La settimana della moda di New York si è conclusa da poco e già nell’aria si respira profumo di nuovi trend autunnali. La New York fashion week ha promosso lo stile comodo e sportivo ma anche richiami ad atmosfere e colori esotici. Un fantastico mix dove di certo non sono mancate le sorprese…ricercata nei colori e stampe, la collezione Custo Barcelona, linea anni 60, ispirazioni orientali, ricami di piume colorate e occhiali bianchi over size; invece, per Alexander Wang lo stile è sicuramente grunge in bianco e nero, con abiti rigorosi e geometrici. La sorpresa? La linea creata da Puma con la partecipazione di una designer d’eccezione, Rihanna, in una sfilata che ha visto molte protagoniste, tra tutte la super modella Gigi Hadid, una collezione sporty-street con capi over, tessuti tecnici, felpe, tute ma sempre con un tocco sexy “made in Rihanna”! Lacoste punta invece, su abbinamenti curiosi come maglioni da montagna su gonne a ruota dal gusto anni 70, il tutto completato da stivali in vernice, assolutamente sporty chic! Gli anni 70 sono protagonisti anche nelle creazioni Diane Von Furstenberg, con splendide camicie stampatei n chiffon e stivali in camoscio, mentre Ralph Lauren sceglie lo stile classico e sofisticato del bianco e nero mixati a capi più aggressivi come giacche biker in pelle e tante frange. Pioggia di righe multicolor per Tory Burch e Victoria Beckam, con gonne aderenti, maglioncini aderenti e mocassini in vernice, una donna impeccabile ma con un tocco di stravaganza! Bè ci vediamo alla prossima passerella…next stop… welcome to London!

The New York fashion week is over in Manhattan but there is already scent of trend news in the air…we can say that the protagonists were sporty and comfortable style, but also the color passion and exotic atmosphere. A beautiful melt with a surprise…detailed shades and patterns in Custo Barcelona collection with a 60s shape, oriental ispiration, big white sunglasses and colored feather’s edge that finish the look, instead Alexander Wang turns his attention on monochromegrunge mood with geometrical and strict dresses. What about the surprise? The Puma’s collection created by a special fashion designer, Rihanna, a spectacular parade with the super model Gigi Hadid, a sporty -street collection with oversize’s picks, technic fabrics, sweatshirts and track-suits with a sexy touch “made in Rihanna”! Amaze us Lacoste that marche sweaters and flared skirts with 70s taste and courtly patent boots, extremely sporty chic! The 70s years are the protagonist in the Diane Von Furstenberg parade with beautiful chiffon printed shirts and suede boots, Ralph Lauren chooses the classic and sophisticated style with a monochrome mood leather biker jackets and many fringes. Multicolored stripes rain for Toty Burh and victoria Beckam with long skirts, tight-fitting sweaters and patent loafers, an impeccabile woaman with a way out touch! See you later on the next stop… welcome to London!

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