Luminous jewls, not only to sparkle but to communicate yourself, your emotions and affections.
Precious creations with an extremely cool and gorgeous design, become the “team picks” of many celebrities and fashion blogger.
The Gaia Spallanzani Lunard jewls come from an old story of family and traditions with the Spallanzani jeweller’s, was born in Milan in 1880.
Now, the head jeweller is Gaia, with her passion, details care and the original and contemporary design that win over the younger, thanks to the amazing mood and the particular blend between pink gold and multicolor diamonds.
Every jewl is made in Italy and created by craft techniques.
You can find the Gaia creations by Colette store in Paris or on net-à-porter.
The must have picks are the chevalier with initials customized and the fine bangle “only you” ready to be only for you, thanks to the customizing with letters, symbols and sentences.
All of that realized with colored diamonds to shine with fantasy!

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