Every city have its style and rules and Berlin has its own!

Berlin is a big cosmopolitan city, a real shopping capital, it can be smart, fair and not foreseen.
On the book “The Berliner – Guide to alternative chic” by Angelika Tashen and Alexa Von Heyden we’ll come with them to discover traditions and lifesstyle secrets of a perfect berliner: her style, shops, house, hobbies and amazing place where to meet friends or simply toh ave a good coffee! If you can already go to Berlin, trought this guide-book you can discover many curiosities, not only the beautiful architectures and culture but to touch stilish and healthy mood of this city!

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A girlish bag

lv borsa

One bag, one story.
One bag, many models.
One bag, only one name: “City Steamer Bag” by Louis Vuitton.

The Steamer bag has an old story and a tradition; it was born in 1901 and its name was ispired by the english steamer boat. It was practical and safe with many laces, padlocks, pockets and divisions… so, a real traveling jewl!
If you can add to old story the creativity and inspiration of the ceative director Nicolas Ghesquiére, the result is absolutly exceptional!
Now, there is a devolution of Steamer bag, named “City Steamer”, it has the same shape and functional soul, many colors combinations, the safe of the padlock and the amazing leather tag where you can impress your initials. The design is simple, the body is semi-stiff and inside there is a pockets division for a perfect objects organization. A versatile accessory for every style, casual, boho-chic and avant-garde. Thanks to different colors, the City Steamer appears never the same; my favourite version is monochrome but there are also the three-colored model as: soft pink-black-white or red-soft pink-black, to all black lovers there is a totally black bag. Naturally, there are three sizes: the big “GM”, the practical-medium “MM” and the little chic “PM”. So… one bag, one love!

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Interview with Michela Fasanella


“For each collection I learn something new and today I would not know to give up to do so”.

To tell us about her success and her passion is Michela Fasanella, roman designer and founder of the fashion brand Aroma30.
After studying at the Academy of Costume and Fashion in Rome and at St Martins College in London, the Fasanella has collaborated with Valentino and Salvatore Ferragamo offices.
Now she founded her brand and each dress perfectly reflects her vision of women’s fashion.
Michela Fasanella also works as a freelance consultant for some foreign brands and as a lecturer at the Academy of Costume and Fashion.
(Photo Credits  Chiara Kurtovic)

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Black, white and… Karlito!


Karl Lagerfeld: an icon for fashionistas

Karl Lagerfeld. A name, a success guaranteed in the fashion contest. His face, his personality, an inimitable look are becoming a real label and an “icon” for fashionistas. The Karlito’s world is changing the fashion rules, it always brings new ideas, trasforms and adapts itself with the trends of the moment. The Karlito’s army has flooded the Fendi’s universe with its colored fur charms, to the extravagant and pop mood, his face was printed on t-shirts, sweatshirts, clutches and i-pad case, until the new watch “Fendi my-way Karlito”, with an amazing design inspired by Karl’s style: on the dial the “Lagerfeld caricature” with his oversize black sunglasses-white hair and white bow-tie. The details are refined as the smooth leather black watch strap and multicolor fur elements, so, this is the hottest pick for th next season!

A brand new project: Karl Kustomize

The Karl’s mind is rich of ideas and creativity sense, the last one project is “Karl Kustomize”on his online store, a customize sneakers service where you can select different colors, materials, exotic lethers and textures, choose the details as the shoelaces and soles. An at the end you can sign your masterpiece on the shoe’s tongue… only to feel like Karl Lagerfeld!


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Vinyl Couture


Who said that the mascara is only black? Yves Saint Laurent invites us to color our glance with many different shades with the new mascara “vinyl couture”! For this new line we are the target,  the younger make up addicted. And, I don’t know about you, but I already feel conquered! We can change the color of our mascara everyday, creating new effects that follow our  mood, style and occasion, that is what the new product offers to us. The package is elegant and practical , the big applicator assures volume, curvature and perfect definition, instead the color is bright and with a gorgeous vinyl effect.

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There is no fashion house that does not propose annually its court shoes. Décolleté are classy and elegant but they are mixed with trends even more imaginative and original.  There are many options: with stiletto heels, midi or squares, solid colors or patterns with multicolor prints, laminated leather, patent leather, suede or glitter: there are lots of décolleté in the marketplace. But what is that the most trendy court shoe of the moment? Sure, the décolleté passpartou by Maison Dior: “Dioressence”. Eight models of shoes available in leather and different colors. Sharp lines, oval neckline, prominent point, 10 centimeter heel and a bit bent; a concentrate of elegance, femininity and seduction.

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A Fanciful Bag!


When you are looking for the trends of the moment, the first thoughts are about the most famous fashion brands. I don’t know what do you think, but I immediately think about Gucci, especially after the recent promotion to Creative Director of Alessandro Michele,  who was the Chief of  Accessories. The new Creative Director, in just a few seasons, has been able to interpret the Gucci tradition, making its creations a must for the most cherished women! And in terms of unmissable creations, the new icon bag is coming from wonderland! No, it’s not a joke… this masterpiece is named “GG MARMONT BAG”, a new creation by Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele and it’s a preview of F/W 2016 collection.

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