The Kylie’s eyes


Kylie Jenner: the smallest sister of the most crazy tv family: the Kardashian!

She is smaller than her famous super model sister Kendall, but she already has a pesonal successful career. Kylie has built (tank to a strong personality and her social profile) a little fortune in the make up area.

Kylie has many followers on her instagram account, she publishes many photoes about private life, style and look addice; certainly she is less mysterious than Kendall. Kylie loves the make up world, and in her photoes has forever a perfect face, stylish lips and amazing smokey eyes. Lips and eyes are the power of Kylie’s make up, in fact, for a while an iconic MAC li ppencil “Soar” it’s sold out after her photoe on instagram. She has done the ability to create a personal make up brand, the “Kylie cosmetic”, an online storee where you can buy some products “made in Kylie”. The first eyeshadow kit “Kyshadow” fonde on a particular color combination of orange-brown-bronze was already sold out in only one minute! This collection is growing up and soon it will be arriving a new Kyshadow kit and a lip kit with nude and red shades. Kylie’s lip and glance? Now,it isn’t a dream!

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