What about “Bazaar Bag”…


Here we are to talk about our best subject: the it-bag.

Pheraps, not everybody know the protagonist of today, the last February it was on the Balenciaga collection but it went unnoticed…
Then something changed: so many models, with a lot of selfies, it-girls and backstage photos have given way to a real trend.
It’s the “Bazaar Bag” by Balenciaga. The design by Demma Gvasalia is simple and come from Thai tradition, in fact, the Thai women and dealers use the classic plastic “laundry bag”for the Bazar purchases.
Obviously the laundry bag Thai is plastic and, although very colorful, it is a simple shopping bag, simple and practical.
The Balencaga bazaar bag, while retaining the comfortable character and the vivid colors, is of leather and has different versions (very pretty one on alternating rows blue-red-white).
Some criticize this bag… (also for the high price) but it’s up to you to judge…
You take the court … fashion or simple ostentation?

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